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13 hidden bitcoin millionaires

Snoop Dogg at one time earned a fairly large fortune, as the price tag of his album was 0.3 Bitcoin. Sales of discs amounted to more than 300 thousand, which is why he earned a rather impressive amount.

Two-week girl became the owner of Bitcoin

A two-week girl from England became the owner of a Bitcoin. According to the parents of Isabella Anna Bowles, they will spend all the money received from the sale of the coin to educate the child. Local publications say that the girl got an expensive gift thanks to an ad in the newspaper.

Rumors about the NEO partnership with Russia provoked a 13% jump in the coin

Rumors about the partnership of the currency NEO with Russia led to the fact that the value of the coin increased by about 13 percent. Representatives of the Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain noted that at present the issue of using a token in the calculations remains open, but it shows the dynamics of growth.

10 years ago the first bitcoin tweet was published

Exactly 10 years ago, the first bitcoin message appeared on Twitter. Then the tweet was made by the developers themselves, the only coin at that time, telling about it and the possibilities of cryptocurrency in general. Hal Finney, who is the author of the post, then noted that he did not expect such a rush around mining, which had developed over the years.

Pavel Durov may eliminate Telegram Messenger because of cryptocurrency

Pavel Durov filed an application for the liquidation of the company Telegram Messenger. Currently, it is in the Roskomnadzor registry, as prohibited and subject to blocking. Experts note that the liquidation of the company may be associated with the launch of Durov’s own cryptocurrency.