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Co-founder of Bitcoin.org Ryan Pafumi believes that Bitcoin Cash is dead

Co-founder of Bitcoin.org Ryan Pafumi believes that Bitcoin Cash is dead

One of the founders of Bitcoin.org, Ryan Pafumi, said that Bitcoin Cash lost its relevance and almost died. According to him, hardfork Bitcoin did not become “a new word in the cryptocurrency industry”, but began to drag the network to the bottom.

End of Bitcoin Cash?

“Bitcoin Cash is almost dead. Cryptocurrency now needs new leaders who will promote the coin and make it as profitable as possible for traders. Otherwise, its value will be zero. Already, there are all the prerequisites for bitcoin to drop to the minimum in the price list, ”Pafumi said.

On January 18, in his Twitter account, a user under the pseudonym Cobra stated that Bitcoin Cash has a number of problems that only the new developer community on the network can solve. According to him, Bitcoin itself cannot survive without leadership, since it is the place where the most large-scale trades are held. At the same time, centralized control negatively affects everything that happens.If we talk about Bitcoin Cash, then he can go his own way, but this is still unlikely.

“This cryptocurrency has always been worthless, and even the rest of the forks could not pull it out on its background. Soon, it can completely disappear from the exchanges, leaving only minimal trading results with zero values, ”said Cobra user.

Bitcoin Cash was supported by Roger Ver, who called hardfork “a factor that will bring Bitcoin up to heaven.” It is noteworthy that most of the colleagues did not agree with the head of Bitcoin.com, calling his statements too optimistic.