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Cryptbill Coinnest mistakenly distributed BTC, WGT and $ 5.3 million won

Cryptbill Coinnest mistakenly distributed BTC, WGT and $ 5.3 million won

Coinnest Exchange randomly distributed a large number of tokens. Representatives of the site noted that the total cost of losses amounted to about 5.3 million dollars. Now experts are trying by all means to recover the spent funds transferred in cryptocurrency.

Losses from We Game Tokens

We Game Tokens was designed specifically for airdrop campaign. Experts expected to hold several stocks to attract the attention of investors, but the coins began to diverge in large quantities to different users. Due to overload on one of the servers, an error occurred, due to which transaction data was lost. Now developers are trying to return the funds that make up a significant part of the capitalization of a small network.

Representatives of the cryptobirgy also asked customers to return the funds. The value of the assets is currently $ 50 per unit, which was the result of the incident. Coinnest intend to roll back the erroneous transactions, which will help undo changes in the cryptocurrency rate and avoid the departure of old investors.

Coinnest once passed a test initiated by the Korean Internet and Security Agency. Representatives of the exchange noted that within a few days the problem with incorrect transactions will be completely eliminated.