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Opinion: There is almost no chance for Bitcoin-ETF approval in 2019

Opinion: There is almost no chance for Bitcoin-ETF approval in 2019

CNBC analysts are confident that there will be no Bitcoin ETF this year. According to expert Brian Kelly, US regulators will not approve exchange funds, which is why the opening strategy will have to be changed.

In particular, 2019 will be more positive than the last, but the government is still pessimistic about the development of the industry.

“Bitcoin, Litecoin and several others will definitely be the main currencies this year. We see that large market players are beginning to use tokens even as an alternative to gold, because of which their value may begin to increase. Despite the large number of barriers, it is impossible to exclude the native to Bitcoin, but so far there are no prerequisites for it, ”Brian Kelly said.

Considered by the US Securities and Exchange Bitcoin-ETF will allow the currency to stabilize slightly, which is why traders will again pay attention to it. Otherwise, the cryptocurrency market can expect a collapse. The analyst also predicts that in the coming years, the exchange will survive another recession. It is still difficult to predict the time interval in which it can occur.

Request to launch ETF filed Bitwise cryptocurrency fund. Representatives of the company noted that they are not going to abandon other projects, but they are still under consideration and refinement.