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Two-week girl became the owner of Bitcoin

Two-week girl became the owner of Bitcoin

A two-week girl from England became the owner of a Bitcoin. According to the parents of Isabella Anna Bowles, they will spend all the money received from the sale of the coin to educate the child. Local publications say that the girl got an expensive gift thanks to an ad in the newspaper.

Bitcoin donated – hope for the future

Isabella’s father Anne Bowles published a message in which he asked for help from all concerned. According to him, the girl needed support due to the fact that he simply would not have the means to her training. The father of the child is also one of the leaders of the international consulting agency Dynamo PR, which is why he promised to help everyone who donates any amount of money.

“If we pin hopes on the growth of bitkin, we can count on an impressive amount, which is enough to educate a child. Two years ago, the coin cost about 15 thousand dollars. It is not excluded that a new indigen is waiting for the cryptocurrency, which is why Bowles can afford to study at any of the UK universities, ”write Western publications, commenting on the strange incident.

The girl will be 18 years old in 2037. According to her father, the course of Bitcoin by that time will change several times, because of which his child will be able to rely on a good education. Now for the year in universities in the UK have to give up to 12 thousand dollars.

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